Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page Website

For every internet marketer the biggest question is "How to Drive Traffic to My Website or Squeeze Page?" Most marketers have been told that traffic has to be generated from a variety of sources on the internet. For example - article writing, videos, SEO keyword optimization and so on. Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic tool that could do all of this for you in just one place?

The good news is THERE IS! I've recently purchased and been using a fantastic software program - Webfire that has 27 (and growing) different tools to help you drive traffic to your squeeze page/landing page or website.

Here's the list of promotional tools the software has to offer you...

Multi Tool
The swiss army knife of our site tools! This one combines a number of the program's best tools into a single one that walks you through in an easy to follow manner. From a single article, you can choose to spin it, submit it to some of the best article directories out there, submit some as a guest blog post on other blogs, turn it into a video, submit the video to top video sites, and more all in one tool. 

Google News Release - This tool enables you to fill in the blanks (template provided) to create your own News Release about your new technology/idea/creation. Then the software tool will submit your newly created article to the software site's official Google approved Press Release site, which can get your press release featured at the top of Google and in their news section!

Article Spinner
Turn one article into dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of quality, unique articles that read as though an actual human wrote them. This tool enables you to create 80 unique articles which you can then use in sites all over the internet to drive traffic to your website or squeeze page.

Article Submitter
Submit your article(s) to the top article directories to get extra exposure, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more! And at the same time, increase your chances of others picking up your article and posting it on their site for you to get even more traffic and publicity.

Video Firestorm
Turn your article into a video, create your own videos with built in cameras, and/or submit videos to video sites all at once! If you choose to turn an article into a video, it'll automatically let you pick cool looking backgrounds to create powerpoint-type slides where you can even have human sounding text-to-speech audio (or your own). Don't want to turn an article into a video? No problem, as you can create your own video on the fly as well. Then you can also use the software's built in video submitter to submit videos to the top video sites out there!

Submit Your Site
Let the search engines and other top sites know that you have a new website or new content on your blog or site instantly by taking a few seconds to fill out this form and hit submit. The software will then alert all the top sites for you. Doing this can greatly increase your chances of getting indexed and noticed faster, and thus increase your chances of ranking well too.

SEO Inferno
Easily check and create title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. for your website(s). Title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. all are very important factors in SEO and ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords, but they are often overlooked! This tool will help you quickly check and create such tags on the fly. 
Main Keyword Tool
Use this main keyword tool to turn one keyword into 100 related keywords that you can check to see how many searches a month they get, which ones might be hidden gems. The software will show you keywords that your opposition is doing little or nothing with, yet have high search rates. This means if you target your articles to these keywords you have a high chance of ranking on page 1 of Google very quickly.

Keyword Review
Use this keyword tool to enter in product names and automatically get several "review keywords" spit out for you. You can then use these review keywords to find people looking for reviews or recommendations based on those products, which you can use to target in your own market, as an affiliate, and more! People searching for these kinds of keywords are also far more likely to be in a position where they're ready to buy.

Keyword Versus
Use this keyword tool to enter a list of competing products or services and automatically spit out a list of keywords that people would search for when trying to decide between two or more competing products. This is a great way to target people about to buy and help them make up their minds. These can be great keywords to target on your website(s), especially if you're an affiliate for the products.

Keyword Custom
Use this keyword tool to get customized keyword lists if you want to develop your own formulas for creating larger keyword lists on the fly (recommended for more advanced users). 

Macroleads Fire
Use this very powerful tool to find sites in your niche / market that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that also allow you to leave a post, comment, reply, or recommendation on. This is an incredibly powerful way to instantly gain free exposure, get top rankings in seconds, and get lots of traffic to your sites.

This powerful lead tool allows you to find all the relevant blog posts and forum threads in your market that you can leave a post or comment on (unlike with Macroleads Fire which only looks for those that rank for certain keywords, this tool will list all of them and even date them). You can even search for forum threads or blog posts that were made within a certain date range (even today!). This is a great way to gain extra exposure and more traffic by finding places where you can participate in the discussions related to your market.

Omnileads Alerts
This is the same as Omnileads, but it alerts you to new leads since the last time you logged into WebFire! A great way to stay up to date on blogs and forums that you can participate in the discussions on. Both are extremely powerful tools that you should use in your business. 

Q&A Leads Firestorm
Easily get leads from Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers where you can leave an answer or comment. By taking just a few moments to respond to such questions, you gain valuable search engine rankings, find potential leads of clients, and more!

Guest Blogger Fire
Find sites that allow content syndication. Quickly grow your list off backlinks and presence on the web by posting your content on other sites.

Lead Finder
Find leads on Facebook, Twitter and Classified Sites. 

Expired Domain Finder
Find expired domain names that are already ranking for keywords in your market that you can snatch up for just the price of a new domain name (usually $7 to $10 / year). On top of that, you can also find expired domain names that are mentioned on live domain name sites that are ranked for your keyword(s) as well.

There's plenty more tools in this amazing software program. Click here to buy Webfire drive traffic to your website or squeeze page now.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Start An Online Business and Live Your Passion

People tend to turn to the web to start an online business now more than ever. They hear all those success stories about others who made a fortune online, or work from their pajamas or live their so called "internet lifestyle". They believe that if a 20 year old internet millionaire can do it, so can I. Those are the reasons that drive most of the people to start a blog or an online business, believing that they will earn their income online.

The cold harsh truth is that 97% of those people fail after a couple of weeks or months.

Why is that?
The single best reason is that they start a web business that they're not passionate about.

Passion is the fundamental element for the success of your business
Starting an online business is not as hard as many believe or people make it to be. The website, the content creation, the online marketing are all practices that can be learned. A person can either excel or fail in those business practices. If you're passionate about your business things seem to be fun and easy to learn. That driving force that passion creates will get you through to every step of your entrepreneurship journey.

Most of the success stories I've heard are from people who are passionate about their business, about their market and the products they either promote or sale. They love to talk about it, they love to create content and to write about it, and most importantly they love socializing with people online and offline who have the same passion.

Discovering your passion
OK many people might think I don't have a passion, but I want to start a business. That's a totally false statement because everybody has a passion. If you think you aren't passionate about something it's most likely because you just haven't discovered it yet.

The most common and most effective ways to find your passion is to try things out. To take chances, to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

On Monday after work take your wife and go to a dancing class. See how it feels. The next day go for bowling or mountain biking. Go to a friend who plays the guitar and ask him or her to teach you to play a song. Go to a kickboxing class or go to a web design seminar. On the weekend begin to write a novel, or the story of your life, or start building a waterfall for your backyard. Notice what moves you, what got you excited.

As soon as you find something you like begin doing it more regularly. Become a subscriber to a magazine. Find on the web forums or blogs about your new interest, ask questions and leave comments. Start socializing with people who are interested in the same thing. Become better day by day. Learn more day by day.

Soon enough you'll come to realize that your new hobby or interest is all you're thinking about. It will start concur your thoughts when you're working or when you're watching TV. You'll start conversations about it with your friends and close ones. It will become the reason to get up in the morning, and it will intrude in your dream.

This is the time when you know what you're passionate about!

The first step in achieving your goals
Finding your passion is the first step in achieving your goals. This is something that you will build your personal brand upon. Once you know what you love doing, you need to align it with your goals so you can achieve the one through the other. This is the part that I consider easy because your passion will make the learning curve easy.

Starting an online business about your passion may seem to be challenging. Especially if you're into something that's out of the ordinary thinking there's not a market for it. Believe me when I say there's a market for everything. If you're passionate about it, than there are people all around the world who are passionate about it too. The internet is the means to connect you with those people through strategic planning, goal setting and social media.

Healthy business practice can help you align your passion with your goals. All you need is a clear plan, a blueprint that will guide you like a roadmap in succeeding your goals.

The first day you'll start earning your income through your passion will be the last day you will ever work in your life.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7405231

How To Build Email Lists

An important tool to help build email lists is the Squeeze page which was discussed in my last blog. How do you get people to give you their email address on your squeeze page? Well, the most important thing to do is to give them something for free in return for their email address. Here's 10 ideas for free offers you might want to consider on your squeeze page...

1. FREE Special Report or Article
This can be a physical item that you mail out or it can be part of your Lead Capture "Thank You" page. The key is to make the shared information compelling. Solve a problem, address a fear, or give your target market a secret tip or strategy that will help your Squeeze Page visitors get what they want.

2. FREE E-Book
This can simply be in the form of a downloadable .PDF file. You can easily compose your content in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice (free at OpenOffice.org) and then just save it as a .PDF file.

3. FREE Product Sample or Trial
This is great if you are selling physical products or membership services. Remove the buying risk and build your list at the same time.

4. FREE Consultation or Coaching Session
People like the idea of talking with a real person. The Internet is usually cold and impersonal. Offering a free consultation or coaching session on your Squeeze Page also takes away a lot of fears that many people have that they are on their own to figure things out for themselves. The more you can add a personal human element to the process, the more effective you'll be.

5. FREE Software
This is similar to offering a free downloadable report or ebook. There are lots of private label rights software products that you can purchase and re-brand as your own. Just do a Google search using the term "PLR software" and you'll find lots of results. This can be a great Squeeze Page incentive depending on your niche.

6. FREE Newsletter or Mini E-Course Subscription
All you need for this one is an auto-responder and some good content. When your prospect opt-in through your Squeeze Page web form, they can automatically be added to your e-mail auto-responder campaign. This series of e-mails can include a monthly newsletter or can even be broken up into a series of training messages (i.e., an e-course).

7. FREE Novelty Gift or Trade Show Item
These physical items can be great Squeeze Page incentives, which can also be branded with your contact information, website and slogan/message. For example, I know some Internet marketers promoting fitness/weight loss products gave away free digital pedometers for opting into their Squeeze Page. This was a nice gift for those who wanted to lose weight and get in better shape by monitoring the amount of their walking/jogging. And, of course, the phone number and website address printed on the pedometer acted as a constant reminder to order/re-order the product that would assist them in their efforts.

8. FREE Chance To Win (Raffle/Contest)
Sometimes it pays to offer something of greater value than what you could offer each and every person who opts-in through your Squeeze Page. You could offer a chance to win a special prize in a drawing for every person who opts-in. Pick a specific date for the drawing and then randomly choose the winner(s). You determine the value of the prize and the number of prizes you want to give out. If done right, you should get a whole lot more valuable opt-in leads worth much more than the cost of the few prizes you give away. You may also want to give out consolation prizes for all those who participated so all your Squeeze Page Leads will feel like they got something for their time. This consolation gift can be a digital item that doesn't cost you very much, like a free ebook, special report, online presentation, etc.

This can also be a very good incentive for a Squeeze Page. It has a higher perceived value than a digital/downloadable product. Of course, there is more cost involved, but you can cover your costs by charging for shipping and handling while giving the CD/DVD away for free.

10. FREE Instant Access Online Presentation
This is one of my favorite Squeeze Page Offers. It has a higher perceived value than an audio or an e-book and you don't have to worry about shipping costs. All you need is an inexpensive digital video camera or web cam. After you record your video, simply upload it to "YouTube" or another video sharing site. Then simply copy & paste the embedded code into the "Thank You" page of your Squeeze Page. A video presentation can also increase credibility and trust with your prospects. People are much more inclined to do business with a "real person" that they can see. A video which shows you speaking directly to your prospects is so much more personal and compelling.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5399997

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Is a Squeeze Page?

A 'Squeeze Page' is nothing more than a landing page or a prospect page, often a single-page web site with the sole intent of engaging the reader with visual stimuli such as: images, video, colorful text, bold and unique fonts and multiple paragraph breaks to name a few. The purpose for engaging the reader is to collect a very important piece of unique information from the reader, an email address. In the days of past, all sorts of trickery was used to gather email addresses; crawling and harvesting from web sites, social engineering, SPAM ... the list goes on. In today's Internet, there are enough regulations in place that would make it very difficult to succeed that way however.

Your squeeze page's only mission in life is to be compelling enough to make the user want to give his or her email address through the squeeze page. Your only mission in life (regarding the squeeze page) is to drive users preferably targeted) to your squeeze page, ideally by the droves!

Your squeeze page should get straight to the point, it isn't generally going to be a full fledged web site. You typically won't have an, 'About Us' page or any other typical web site pages. The first part of your squeeze page should be all about why the user wants either what you're selling or what you're recommending. Use several brief paragraphs to do this. Multiple paragraph breaks will keep the user's eyes moving and attention focused. If your whole description is in one single paragraph the user's eyes will get bored and then they'll likely leave the page altogether. RBGY! Red, Blue, Green and Yellow ... these colors are your friends! I am not advocating you create the Internet version of a three ring circus but I am telling you that you do not want all black text!

Text colors and what effect they have...
  • Red = Stop, Alert, Warning
  • Blue = Calm, focused
  • Green = Exciting, Motivating
  • Yellow = Attention, Proceed
You should use black text at a nominal 9-12 point font for standard content and descriptions (not headlines or titles .. etc). Imagery is acceptable on squeeze pages but you don't want to slow down the load time of your page (no hosting images on other sites or hot-linking - linking to an image on another website!), if your squeeze page loads slow the user will almost assuredly close the browser window on you.

Having advertisements on a squeeze page is not advisable. You are driving traffic to your squeeze page to either sell or recommend a product to users, you typically won't want to distract them with, 'shoot the monkey' advertisements. Your squeeze page needs to have a very simple and clear message. Don't confuse your visitors with multiple options. You need your traffic to remain focused on the task at hand, being convinced to give you their email address!

Here's a few examples of squeeze pages...

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2941511

Have You Got the Right Money Mindset?

What would occur if you increase your income significantly?  Such as $1 million, $10 million or more? Certainly you would purchase some things, invest some and ensure that it lasts through the rest of your life… right?

That is what we say or assume we would do. However, you have read the repeating stories of lottery winners who buy, buy, and buy or even find investments only to discover they were scams. This story has also been repeated by professional athletes… example, four-time boxing champ Evander Holyfield earned over $250 million in his career and yet he is completely broke now! We sit back and wonder “How could they have done that?”… “I would be much better at managing the money.” Or would you?
We each have a comfort zone for the amount of income or personal wealth that we feel okay with. If we earn less than the ‘magic’ number, then we work harder, find a new job or get a second job to reach our comfort zone. If we get more than the ‘magic’ number, then the internal discomfort creates decisions that cause our personal wealth to reduce back to within about a 10% range above or below our comfort zone.

Your money mindset or wealth comfort zone is critical to be aware of and if needed, to be changed to support any new wealth increase in your life. Where does a money mindset come from? Of course, there are a variety of ways we assume a comfort zone. One experience for me was that my first salary out of college paid me more than each of my parents made in their jobs of 20 plus years. That created discomfort for me and a struggle about whether it was ‘right’ to earn more than my parents or even the more experienced workers at the company I worked for. Perhaps you were told that money creates problems… if you believed that then why would you want more money since that would cause more problems in your life.

How does this apply to business? If you are in sales, then once you reach your monthly quota, you may slack off or even sabotage additional sales. If you are working on a project that will provide a bonus based on a successful outcome, you may find yourself procrastinating about finishing the project. If you are a consultant or entrepreneur and determine the amount you charge for your services, you may repetitively charge less than you could for your contracts.

Underneath the comfort zone or money mindset are beliefs about how you feel about money, about yourself, as well as about the value to bring to your job or clients. Check your thoughts and feelings about a project or situation you are working with. Do you feel you are being taken advantage of? Then perhaps you feel you should be paid more than you are and thus you are below your comfort zone. Or, do you feel guilty about the money you are making or have? Then, you are probably above your comfort zone.

There are many ways to update or upgrade your money mindset or comfort zone. Being aware is the first step. The most efficient way I have experienced of creating a new level of money mindset is using a process that changes the subconscious mind regarding wealth/money/abundance, etc. 

Reference: http://powerofmindset.com/2010/04/07/money-mindset/#more-249

Monday, 10 June 2013

Making Money Online Requires a Profitable Niche

Finding a Profitable Niche Market is the first step towards making money online. There is no point going through all the steps to create an online business if you have no idea whether people are interested in buying your product/s. If you want to make money on line you absolutely must put all your marketing efforts into a profitable niche.

A niche is just a word that describes a small section of a larger market. For example, a niche within the weight loss market could be hypnosis tapes to lose weight. When you're making a business on the internet you want to choose a niche that is profitable enough to reward you for your work. Here are some steps on how to find a profitable niche:
  1. Go to Amazon's website and look to see if there are more than 20 reviews for any products in your market
  2. If there are, you're onto something good! Amazon reckons that only 1 in 1,000 buyers leave a review for a product bought on their site. So any product with 20 reviews means about 20,000 buyers! A very good sign that this product is in a profitable niche.
  3. Look for more products in that niche
  4. If other similar products have more than 20 reviews go to ClickBank's website and search for products in that niche that have a 'gravity' of 30+ (gravity roughly means the number of affiliates, that have made a sale in the last week).
  5. Go to the 'store' part of the Dummies website (bottom right hand corner - ish of the homepage). Look at the left hand column for markets. Choose the market most relevant to your niche. If they have a book on this subject / market / niche you're getting very warm!
  6. Head over to forums and search for hot topics within each category... topics that appear time and time again and evoke discussions.  
  7. eBay is a great place to find what people are looking for. The pulse sections at eBay will give you a general idea of what people are looking for and what the hot trends are. You should also take a look at the "Want It Now" section. Users can post items they are looking for and having a hard trouble finding. Affiliate marketers have been using eBay to find niches for awhile. You can get some ideas for products to sell or create and find out what people are looking for. If you want to know how to find a profitable niche market eBay is a good start. 
  8. Go to the magazine rack of your local bookstore or supermarket and pick out three or four magazines. Start with magazines that you are interested in. Pay attention to the headlines on the cover. What are they saying to grab your attention? Go to those articles and skim through them. Look at the ads. What products or services are those big companies paying thousands of dollars to advertise for? Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars researching what people want and who will buy their product. They already know who is going to respond to their ads way before they spend a penny on the actual ad. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just see what wheels people have already invented and repeat it. For example you may see see ads for shoes, cell phones, satellite tv, HD radio, insurance, cars, computers, watches, diets, natural supplements, clothes, credit cards, golf clubs, etc. Make a list of every product, service or industry that you see. There are affiliate programs for every single one.
  9. Go to Google's keyword tool and check that people really are searching for products in that niche, and find keywords that have high search rates and low competition. 
Here's a few of the more popular affiliate marketplaces you might want to search for products on...